External merchandise trade in Macao is classified into:
Imports - Foreign produced commodities entered into Macao, excluding re-imports and transit goods.
Re-imports - Commodities previously exported and returned to Macao.
Exports - Commodities transported out of Macao, equivalent to the sum of domestic exports and re-exports; temporary exports and transit goods are excluded.
Domestic Exports - Exports of Macao origin.
Re-exports - Commodities previously imported and transported out of Macao without processing, or even with processing, the commodities are not qualified to use Macao as the country of origin.
Temporary Exports - Commodities transported out of Macao, for a time period, with the intention of their future re-import in the same state, or after transformation, improvement or repair outside Macao.
Transit - Commodities passing by Macao to the next destination as stated in the relevant document, where they are not required to clear customs.