Official Website of the Statistics and Census Service

With the growing popularity of computers, the Internet becomes the main channel for obtaining statistical data. As a data user, how much do you know about the official website of the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC)? Here we are going to introduce to you two major services of the DSEC’s website – “Statistics Database” and “Personalized Webpage”.

Statistics Database
The “Statistics Database” was designed to provide users with convenient access to time series data without searching through piles of statistical publications and tables. Containing more than 5,200 statistical indicators, the Database gives users quick access to historical series of demographic, social and economic data which can be presented in the form of statistical table or chart. The “Statistics Database” link is available at the lower left of the home page.
The “Statistics Database” is easy to use. Just follow these three simple steps:
1. Select the statistical form (value, same period variance, previous period variance, percentage of total, same period difference, pervious period difference) of the requested indicator(s) from the indicator tree.
2. Add a title to the statistical table or chart, and then select the periodicity of data, output format, etc.
3. Preview the statistical table or chart and save it in Excel, PDF or Jpeg format.

Personalized Webpage
The “Personalized Webpage” is a customized webpage containing all statistical information of your interest. Simply fill in your basic information such as email address and occupation, and set a password, you will become a registered user upon receipt of an email confirmation.
Having logged into the “Personalized Webpage”, you may select statistical indicators of your interest from “Statistics”. To do so, just click the “My Stat” icon located in front of the indicators and the selected indicators will be added into “My Indicators”. Upon the next login, you are able to obtain the latest update of all selected indicators under “My Indicators”.
Moreover, statistical tables and charts generated from the “Statistics Database” can be saved into “My Charts” or “My Tables” in the “Personalized Webpage”. These tables and charts can be retrieved, with the latest update, upon your next login, which saves you the time to reselect the required indicators.
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