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Release on: 08 August 2016

DSEC Director Encouraged Staff to Do their Utmost for the 2016 Population By-census

To mark the commencement of the 15-day data collection of the 2016 Population By-census, a kick-off ceremony was held for field enumerators on 7 August at Escola Keang Peng. The ceremony was hosted by the Director of the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) Ieong Meng Chao, Deputy Director Cheng I Wan and Acting Deputy Director Mak Hang Chan.

Ieong Meng Chao, Director of DSEC, encouraged the staff to do their utmost for the 2016 Population By-census.

Ieong Meng Chao indicated that the population by-census is one of the largest household surveys in Macao and he called upon the DSEC staff to work together and do their utmost for the 2016 Population By-census. Ieong stressed that all DSEC staff must strictly comply with the regulations of statistical confidentiality and keep all personal information collected in strict confidence. He urged the enumerators to always be safety-minded and conscious of their work surroundings.

DSEC stated that enumerators of the 2016 Population By-census will visit the selected housing units to collect information; meanwhile, e-questionnaire is also available for households to complete by themselves. Households in receipt of the notification letter of the 2016 Population By-census may complete the e-questionnaire via the DSEC website www.dsec.gov.mo or the DSEC mobile application by following the instructions on the letter no later than 13 August. DSEC appealed to members of the public to support the 2016 Population By-census and provide accurate information. For assistance in completing the e-questionnaire or to schedule an interview with the enumerator, please contact DSEC by calling the 2016 Population By-census Hotline at 8809 8809.